Blue Jays News · Athletic Spectator Guidelines

This year, our season depends on the cooperation and support from everyone to follow the safety guidelines set by the Ohio Department of Health, the Governor’s Office and the Ohio High School Athletic Association. We ask that everyone in attendance follow the guidelines listed below. Our ability to follow these guidelines will go a long way in determining how much of a season our student-athletes will have. Thank you for your cooperation.

Spectator Guidelines:

  • Face Coverings are required to be worn at all times in the facility. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Social Distancing is required. Please only sit in the rows that have been marked with “sit here stickers”. All other rows must be left open for social distancing. You may sit with your family, but you must social distance from the next family.
  • No congregating prior to or after the game. Please exit the facility at the conclusion of the contest and wait for your child in the car/outside the facility.
  • Follow CDC and Ohio Department of Health guidelines for sanitation.
  • Temperature checks will be preformed at all home V/JV/Freshman, and middle school volleyball games