Blue Jays News · Blue Jays Co-Ed Soccer fell to Brookfield Boys

JM hosted Brookfield’s Boys Soccer Team Monday night at 5pm.  The Blue Jays got off to a very strong start.  Although Brookfield had a lot of speed up front the Blue Jays Defense ( Austin Stanke, Kayna Yasher, Jenna Jones & Hughston Lockner) held things down.  The score remained 0-0 through most of the first half.  Brookfield put up 2 goals including one in the last 2 minutes of the half.  At the start of the 2nd half the Jays got caught off guard and let one slip by during the opening play.  The final score was 0-5.  However, the Blue Jays played their best game so far this season in our opinion.  The Team had more chemistry offensively, outshooting Brookfield in the first half.  A huge improvement over previous games.  The teammates were finding each other with crosses and through balls.  We saw more completed passes and time of possession than we had thus far.  The defense had several great plays to stop Brookfield on breakaways.  Freshman, Kayna Yasher, continues to standout defensively.  Freshmen Kylee Fetkovich & Bianca Gancarz saw a lot of offensive action cycling into mid positions and working well together with teammates Brandon Strickland, Preston Gibbs, Daniel Spalding & Maddie Moore.  Senior, Noah Davis is back from an injury and finding his way back into the mix as well.  Over all, the Blue Jays have a lot to be proud of as they continue to grow as a unit.  The game also revealed areas for improvement, and the team will continue to make adjustments as they strive to improve.